Want a landscape that will wow your neighbors?

With more than two decades of experience maintaining lawns and landscapes in Central Florida, we provide comprehensive plans that enhance every aspect of your lawn to create a vibrant, healthy yard. With our personalized care plans and technicians’ relentless attention to detail, we promise to bring the best out of your landscape.

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Lawn & Landscape Maintenance in Central Florida

There’s no other lawn or landscape exactly like yours, and that’s why we tailor all our maintenance plans to the property at hand. We hold your satisfaction in high regard, placing you at the center of all our services. 

“Thank you for the extra attention and support in helping us fix our grass and listen to our concerns. Your time was appreciated!”

Before we begin maintenance, we’ll consult with you to learn about the specific needs of your property and create a personalized care plan to hedge, trim, prune, and carry out whatever it takes to sharpen the look of your lawn and landscape, and protect your precious investments.

Whatever the Look You Want, We'll Make It Happen

Whether you want a trimmed, defined appearance or a clean, natural look for your landscape, our technicians can achieve it for you. Every service is performed with an understanding of the ultimate vision you have for your lawn. Unique to Your Green Team, we train each of our technicians for detail services. You won’t just get the traditional ‘basic trimming and pruning’ offered by most maintenance companies. We rise to the occasion fully equipped with years of experience, knowledge of unique grass, detailed techniques, and the most modern technology available to guarantee results that anyone would be proud to claim.

Transparent Communication from Start to Finish

Somehow, along the way service companies have received a bad reputation for secrecy, frustrating fine print, and poor customer service. However, with our customer-centric mindset, we have no doubt you’ll see Your Green Team simply does not fit into that category. If this is a concern, our transparent, open communication policy with all our customers will put you at peace. Whatever your question, we’ll address it at any stage of the process. Both our company as a whole and each of our technicians make a concerted effort to provide informed services to customers ensuring their needs are clearly heard and met, and that any concerns are addressed at any point throughout our process.

Our lawn and landscape maintenance services can make that pristine landscape into your own. For more details on our maintenance services, click the page below.

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