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Those hot, muggy summer days can leave your lawn dry, faded, and withered. Although the temperatures here in Tampa don’t get too cold in the winter, they do fluctuate, and that can be hard on your grass. Our lawn aeration in Tampa can add a healthy dose of TLC to your yard—no matter what the season. Aerating your lawn allows precious nutrients to reach the soil and breaks up thatch that can suffocate your grass. Here’s the good news—your grass can get a much-needed breath of fresh air. How? Three words: Your Green Team.

Lawn Aeration in Tampa

Lawn aeration in Tampa

Many people don’t like aerating their lawn—it’s tough, tiresome work that can require a lot of time and energy. Here at Your Green Team, we enjoy this process. Core aeration is a crucial part of caring for lawns; it’s a special part of our craft. And we’re always trying to figure out ways to hone our craft. Our employees receive ongoing training and education, so you can be sure we’re always providing you with the latest and greatest practices in the industry.

Make Your Lawn Healthy and Beautiful

Unfortunately, when lawns age, the result is often anything but graceful. Between the Florida heat beating down on it, foot traffic compacting it, and thatch and weeds growing over it, your lawn has a lot of factors working against it. Let Your Green Team give it a helping hand with lawn aeration in Tampa. Our friendly professionals are experienced in the aeration process and can help your lawn sustain health and beauty. We mechanically remove small plugs of soil throughout your whole lawn, letting it breathe easier.

"Great and enthusiastic company. They really go the extra mile." - Jordan

Three Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

So why should you aerate your lawn? Perhaps the most important benefit is the creation of an ideal environment for healthy grass to grow. When you have your lawn aerated, you’re giving vitamin-enriched nutrients an opportunity to flow into the soil, providing the grass with the sustenance it needs to thrive. Second, after you’ve had your lawn aerated, you’re more likely to see immediate results from other kinds of lawn care—such as weed prevention and watering your grass. Third, you’re giving the soil much-needed relief in areas where it has been strained, compacted, or covered with thatch.

Fully Customized Aeration Services

No matter what size lawn you have, or what condition it’s in—we custom design our aeration services to meet your yard’s needs. We’re committed to improving lawns—after all, it’s what we do every day so we are super passionate about it!

For personalized attention and care that is unparalleled, choose Your Green Team. 

Give your lawn the breath of fresh air it needs to thrive!

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