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Caring for your lawn and keeping it beautiful can be a daunting task. Amidst busy lifestyles and demanding schedules, most homeowners don't have the hours to spare working in the yard. We don't blame you- there are other things that you'd probably rather be doing with your time. Let us take on this chore for you with our lawn care in Land O' Lakes, so you can spend your nights, weekends, and time off with friends, family, and loved ones!

Lawn Care Land O’ Lakes

lawn care Land O' Lakes

Your Green Team gives you the best of both worlds, creating a stunning lawn for you with custom programming tailored to the unique needs of your grass and lifestyle. With our lawn services in Land O' Lakes, you can enjoy your life and maintain a stunning lawn. Say goodbye to nights and weekends spent doing back-breaking world in the yard!

Lawn Care That Covers All of Your Bases

If your grass does not receive proper nutrition, it will suffer or die. When the risk of weeds choking your grass’ health is added to the mix, it gets complicated. Our custom lawn care in Land O' Lakes will cover all of your bases. We have spent two decades perfecting our fertilization and weed control. We give your lawn the boosts and protection it needs at ideal times of year, so that grass grows beautifully without the interference of weeds.

"Their customer service is phenomenal and everyone is polite and attentive to my needs." - Kalum D.

Always Be in the Loop with Our Clear Communication

If lawn care in Land O' Lakes seems nuanced and complex to you, your assumptions are not far off. Caring for your soil and grass, while preventing against weeds, diseases, and pests, is a science. Your Green Team simplifies the path to achieving a beautiful, green lawn with proactive treatments that produce results. We have the customers to prove it! What’s more, we untangle what can be a complicated experience for you with a dedication to 100% transparent customer communication from our team of professionals throughout service. Depending on your needs, our lawn care includes:

  • Liquid fertilizer
  • Granular fertilizer
  • Weed control and prevention
  • Disease control and prevention
  • Tree and shrub care

Say Goodbye to Lackluster, Drab Turf

Whether you are new to Florida or a local veteran of the area, the harsh weather conditions do not discriminate. They induce stress on your grass that is irreversible if not handled properly. If you tired of lackluster turf, unresponsive treatments, or the time required to deal with it, choose Your Green Team. Our lawn services in Land O' Lakes are science-driven treatments and are no match for risks or weather of any kind, even in Florida!

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