A perfectly manicured yard without all of the hard work!

Time is a precious commodity in Lithia, and homeowners often struggle to balance work, time with family, and keeping their homes in tip-top shape. The care of your lawn and landscape doesn’t have to be a distraction from more important things. At Your Green Team, we take landscape maintenance off of your hands to give you the free time you deserve and the exterior you desire. Our services are tailored to the needs of your property and your specific goals, so you can have a property you’re proud of, without sacrificing hours of time!

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Lithia

Lawn maintenance Lithia, FL

Taking your property to an enviable level of beauty no doubt requires careful planning, technique, knowledge, and time. But a crisp yard can be yours without all the additional investment of time researching, executing, purchasing materials, and learning techniques. Skip all those steps while reaping even greater benefits with a professional lawn fertilization and landscape maintenance service in Lithia, FL. Hand the task over to Your Green Team. We’ll bring our experience, professional-grade equipment, specialized techniques, craftsmanship, and personalized care to your door for efficient, detail-oriented upkeep and manicuring.

Get a Perfectly Manicured Lawn

No matter your landscape’s needs, we can meet them. With a fleet of caring technicians both trained and experienced in pruning, hedging, mowing, weeding, trimming, and more, we offer a broad selection of techniques and services to make sure every inch of your lawn is perfectly manicured with our lawn and landscape maintenance plans in Lithia, FL.

"Thank you for the extra attention and support in helping us fix our grass and listen to our concerns. Your time was appreciated!" - Diane and Jim

Clear, Transparent Communication to Keep You Informed

Because your satisfaction is the center of our business, Your Green Team makes a commitment both to continued education for all our technicians and total transparency. We continuously keep an ear towards agronomical research findings to ensure we’re always using the most advanced and effective techniques, products, and equipment for your home. And, from your initial service to every ongoing maintenance visit, we proactively provide you with details about what was performed at each visit so that we’re sure our care meets your expectations. Should you have questions or concerns throughout the process, our friendly lawn care technicians in Lithia will clear the air, and our customer service associates are always available to help, too.

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