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The heat and risks to your lawn’s health can make lawn care in Tampa a time-consuming task for any homeowner. Rather than spend the warm season tied down to your turf, free yourself up to enjoy family, friends, and what matters most in life with a professional lawn care service in Tampa. For a local service with proven results, the most advanced care techniques and totally transparent customer communication, choose Your Green Team.

Lawn Care in Tampa

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Is your lawn suffering from lack of attention, or are you hoping to pass off the time and energy required to achieve that green, healthy Florida lawn off to a professional lawn care service in Tampa? Your Green Team’s fertilization services offer personalized year-round care to not only provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to grow healthy from the soil up, but to be fortified against the variety of weeds, diseases, and pests that present risks to Tampa lawns throughout the year. Every treatment is executed with the most advanced products available by trained technicians, ensuring these risks are fought effectively and safely. Depending on your needs, our services include:

  • Granular Fertilization

  • Liquid Fertilization

  • Weed Control

  • Tree and Shrub Care

Technicians with Your Best Interest at Mind

In the unique conditions of the Florida environment, effective lawn fertilization requires tact, advanced products and equipment, and a thorough knowledge what your turf needs throughout every month of the year. Every lawn care technician at Your Green Team is both experienced and highly certified, and is dedicated to receiving ongoing education regarding the latest products, techniques, and advances in the industry, guaranteeing that you’ll receive the highest quality of services possible at any time.

"Finally someone who actually listens and explains things honestly. They are the best company I have had, my grass has never looked better!"

A Beautiful Landscape for a Beautiful Home

Your turf is the base of your yard, but the trees and shrubs above it are key to enhancing the beauty and appeal of your property. At Your Green Team, we understand that, to you, these ornamentals are not only precious investments but are chosen to meet your unique preferences. As such, we also understand that each tree and shrub has needs that differ from the one planted next to it. We tailor our tree and shrub care in Tampa to your landscape’s unique needs, guaranteeing all the elements of your yard will achieve the full potential of your initial investment in them.

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