A beautiful lawn without lifting a finger!

Is lawn care and maintenance - or your desire for a beautiful yard - overwhelming? At Your Green Team, we can take it off your conscience and your chore list with our comprehensive lawn care in Lithia. With more than 20 years of experience in lawn fertilization and a dedication to tailored programming, total transparency, and the most advanced products and techniques available, you’ll be confident you’re getting just what you - and your lawn - need.

Lawn Care Services in Lithia, FL

Lithia lawn care services

We’ve spent more than two decades perfecting our fertilization and lawn care in Lithia, FL. All of our technicians have extensive knowledge of optimal timing, application techniques, and quantities of granular and liquid fertilizers, and herbicides, ensuring your lawn is fed and protected with what it needs at just the right time. Depending on your lawn and its needs, our services include:

  • Weed Control
  • Granular Fertilization
  • Liquid Fertilization
  • Tree and Shrub Care

Carpet-Like Grass and Crystal-Clear Transparency

Because lawn care & fertilization is complex, homeowners are often left in the dark about the services they’re receiving. Not with Your Green Team. We go against the standard of our industry’s customer care by providing proactive, transparent communication to you. From your initial meeting with your technician to routine maintenance treatments down the road, you’ll be informed of just what your yard needs, why it needs it, what’s involved in our Lithia, FL lawn care, and how it’s being carried out. 

"My lawn is looking better and better every week. Your Green Team is great."

Maximize the Beauty of Your Trees and Ornamentals

Your shrubs, ornamentals, and trees are just as much of an asset to your property as your grass is. Your Green Team provides tailored tree & shrub care in Lithia for these elements of your lawn. Our teams are familiar with every tree, shrub, and ornamental in Lithia, each of which has unique needs, risks, and treatment requirements. We’ll visit your yard to consult with you about the needs of these assets and carry out appropriate treatment to ensure you maximize the value of your investment and the beauty of your property.

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