Stop Weeds Before They Start: Common Weeds in Florida and How to Prevent Them

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Weed control is one of the most significant aspects of effective lawn care in Riverview. Weeds are a big problem for homeowners, and it’s no wonder they are! Although these troublesome plants are hardy and resistant to most types of interference, that doesn’t mean you have to wilt under the power of these pervasive plants. The experts at Your Green Team will discuss some of the most common weeds in Florida and solid strategies to help you eliminate their presence from your lawn!


This plant is actually a grassy weed, but it’s also considered an annual. It has yellowish-green blades that are flat and have sharp points. Crabgrass produces seed heads that are shaped like finger spikes and tan or purplish in color. A frost may kill crabgrass, but this also can be controlled using a post-emergent grass herbicide.


Dandelions are perennial weeds that have large yellow flowers that eventually turn into large puffy balls of seeds that are easily dislodged if blown by the wind. In Florida, these seeds germinate in the fall. You can rid yourself of these weeds by applying a post-emergent selective herbicide after the seeds germinate.


Did you know this plant is also known as pennywort? It is spread by tubers, rhizomes, and seeds. The weed possesses round leaves that look like an umbrella. Small flowers with five petals are clustered on top of the plant’s long stem. You can control these weeds by applying a post-emergent broadleaf herbicide while the weed is actively growing.

Weed control may seem like an impossible task, but it’s not so difficult to eliminate weeds as long as you stay on top of the job. When it comes to controlling weeds and other lawn care services in Riverview, Your Green Team always has the upper hand. Our experienced lawn care experts have accumulated an extensive amount of knowledge on a variety of weed control strategies throughout the years.

We can help your lawn stay weed-free and healthy in every season!

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