How to Throw the Best Memorial Day Party This Year


If you live in Tampa, chances are that Memorial Day is one of your favorite holidays. The day conjures up images of backyard barbecues, fun with family and friends and spending time outdoors. Memorial Day - a day when Americans remember the sacrifices of countless men and women who served our country - is truly the signal of summer! For many, it is a day to celebrate throwing open the doors for a summer full of fun. 

Memorial Day parties are great events to attend but have you ever thought of throwing one yourself? If the idea sounds intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Follow these easy tips to throw the best Memorial Day party this year. 

Have the Right Food

When planning any party, the menu should be one of the most thought-out portions of your planning process. Even the best party in the world can be derailed by a bad food selection. 

Backyard barbecue fare is perfect for Memorial Day parties, but don't forget to include refreshing items like pasta salad, fruit trays, veggies and dip and other cool options. Also, keep in mind the ages of your attendees. A myriad of cocktails may be appropriate for an adults-only affair, but if you’re inviting the kids, be sure to have a smattering of kid-friendly options available too. And don’t forget the lemonade!

If you will be serving a lot of folks on a budget, don’t shy away from pot-luck style events. They are a great way to include neighbors and friends that you don’t get to see as often without inflating your food budget. 

Do You Have Enough Seats?

Although most of the time you will be mingling with your company and enjoying conversation, don’t overlook the importance of seats at a party. You can introduce plenty of seating without interfering with the natural flow of the party. 

When you are working out seating arrangements, keep in mind that small groups will form organically at parties, so accommodating that is the best way to ensure that the conversation flows naturally. Position seating in small groupings as opposed to randomly around your backyard. 

Employ seating options in full sun as well as in the shade to make sure that everyone is comfortable. Be mindful of the comfort of all of your guests, and they will be sure to stay as long as they can. 

What About Decorations?

The best part about having an outdoor venue for your Memorial Day party, besides enjoying the beautiful weather, is that most of the decor is taken care of for you. Take advantage of what your outdoor spaces have to offer. If you have trees, string them with lights or streamers. If you have a lot of open space, set up a badminton set or a corn hole game. Set up your seating to take up open space, that way your landscape won’t look empty.

If you’re looking to go all out on the decor, take advantage of the patriotic theme. Paper and plastic dinnerware come in many colors: the brighter, the better. Go wild with the red, white, and blue and you won’t go wrong.

Location, Location, Location!

The best party-throwing tips in the world can only do so much. To truly have the best Memorial Day party, you have to have the best venue, so taking care of your backyard is a must if you want your guests to be comfortable and have a good time. If you would rather leave the lawn care to the experts, Your Green Team is here to help. We’ll work with you to create a beautifully kept venue for the best Memorial Day party.

Are you ready for a beautiful outdoor oasis, perfect for entertaining?

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