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Our lawn care services use proven methods, products, and techniques to bring forth your healthiest, greenest lawn - all while you sit back and relax! With more than two decades of experience caring for lawns in the region, we’ve built a repertoire of expertise unmatched in the area. 

Lawn care services in Florida

Lawn Care & Fertilization in Central Florida

We love a healthy, lush lawn as much as you do. That's why we are committed to continued education for all of our technicians. Providing top notch care to you that promises results means always staying up to date on the most advanced products, treatment techniques, and equipment available. After over 20 years of providing quality lawn care in Florida, you can always rest assured that your lawn is in good hands.

"Great and enthusiastic company. They really go the extra mile." - Jordan

Get the Green, Vibrant Lawn You've Always Wanted

While many lawns face similar risks, including soil diseases, harsh climate conditions, weeds, grubs, and more, we’ve been here long enough to know that no two lawns are alike. Our technicians approach every new client with the intent to thoroughly analyze the current conditions of your lawn, determine its needs, and construct an effective treatment plan that meets your goals from there. Depending on your needs, our lawn care programs include a tailored execution of the following:

  • Granular Fertilization
  • Liquid Fertilization
  • Weed Control Treatments
  • Tree and Shrub Care

Get Your Nights and Weekends Back

If you’re tired of spending countless hours working on your lawn while still seeing your grass wither in the harsh conditions, choose Your Green Team. We’ll give your grass the nutrients, care, and science-driven treatments it needs, and you’ll get the extra time to do whatever you want. Whether it be working, spending time with family, or taking up a new hobby - you deserve a little extra time to spend doing what you want! 

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