Worst Landscapes in America: What Not to Do

Lawn Care faux pas

While everyone is entitled to their own style and tastes, there are certainly some landscape design options that people have opted for that leave a lot to be desired. There are just some universal no-no’s that not everyone has gotten the memo on. Here are some of the latest and greatest lawn care faux pas that should always be avoided at all costs!

Let the lawn gnome hit the road

The roaming gnome has made lawn gnomes a cultural icon, but it hasn’t made this lawn care taboo any more acceptable. Having a lawn littered with lawn gnomes won’t win you any cool points and it certainly won’t impress the neighbors. In fact, you may find that your lawn gnomes mysteriously go missing, leaving little postcards from various places while your neighbors desperately hope that you’ve gotten the hint.

Pluck those pink flamingoes

Nothing says ‘yikes’ more than a pink flamingo staked into your lawn. These birds almost look cartoonish in color. In fact, a cult film by John Walters entitled Pink Flamingos bears witness to the infamy of these little pink eyesores. We can owe this creepy creation to the artistic talents of Don Featherstone, who was commissioned by a plastics company to sculpt this lovely creation.

Christmas all year long

There’s something to be said about housing the Christmas Spirit throughout the year, but this doesn’t mean you should leave your decorations up all year long. If Christmas inflatables and decorations are left up after January, it constitutes a neighborhood eyesore. If you can’t attend to these decorations it might be best to steer clear of using them altogether!

Spare tire landscaping

In most arenas except junkyards, it is not acceptable to use car parts as planters. A spare tire planter or bed frame flower beds are not considered socially acceptable or attractive. Recycling is a great idea, but these items are also accepted at recycling centers, so it’s just not necessary to repurpose these items as landscaping components.

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