Top 4 Reasons to Aerate Your Lawn

Fall is the best time to perform aeration services because the heat of the summer has passed and the lawn has already weathered whatever damaging elements Mother Nature has delivered. During the fall season, the days are still warm enough to get any lawn back into shape. 

Aeration is a great strategy for assessing the following lawn stressors:

  • Drought
  • Insect Infestation
  • Excessive moisture
  • Compaction
  • Disease

Any one of these issues can wreak havoc on your lawn, so lets look at the reasons why aeration is beneficial for optimum health.

1. Root System Regeneration

Aeration services in Riverview can allow the root system to regenerate. Root regeneration is necessary because roots supply nutrients, water, and oxygen to the turf. Aeration opens up channels for these nutrients to penetrate roots, creating an undistributed area for roots to thrive and grow.

2. Microbe Oxygenation

Microbes that live in the roots zone also require oxygen. These microbes help deliver nutrients and eliminate the wastes secreted by your lawn. Without these microbes, your lawn may become weak.

3. Soil Chemistry

You can affect positive change on soil chemistry much easier after aeration. For example, if a soil sample indicates that your soil is low in calcium, calcium can be directly introduced to the soil when aeration is performed.

4. Thatch Removal

Aeration helps eliminate excessive thatch. Too much thatch can damage your lawn and prevent your lawn from absorbing nutrients. Lawns with excessive levels of thatch may require more than one aeration treatment each year.

As you can see, aerating lawns in the fall is very beneficial to the health of your lawn. The aeration services in Riverview, FL provided by Your Green Team can help your lawn look and stay healthy all year-round. Whether your lawn needs a face-list or you just crave a greener, more vibrant looking lawn, we can help.

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