Tips for Trimming and Pruning Your Trees in Riverview, FL

Trimming and Pruning Trees Riverview

Tree trimming and pruning is a typical aspect of maintaining a beautiful landscape in Florida. If you’re aware of trimming and pruning basics, you might be able to handle some of the work on your own. With the right knowledge and tools, you can trim and prune your trees on a regular basis to maintain their health and appearance. This also simultaneously eliminates the potential hazards of dead branches and other common problems. First things first: why should you trim or prune a tree?

Why Trim or Prune a Tree?

There are three primary reasons for trimming and pruning: safety, health, and aesthetics. Safety issues generally involve dead or broken branches and limbs that can fall off. This can be potentially hazardous to your home, family, and people walking by. Trees suffering from blight or diseases may benefit when diseases branches and limbs are pruned away. Trimming and pruning trees to maintain appearance and shape are solely just aesthetic concerns. Overall, trimming and pruning your trees is all-around a win-win for your landscape.

General Trimming & Pruning Tips

If you are wanting to trim your tree on your own, here are some key tips and tricks that should make the task easier and more productive:

  • Trim the tree when it’s dormant unless a hazard exists.

  • Avoid removing a branch larger than 10 centimeters in diameter without professional assistance.

  • Only trim branches that are weak.

  • Get rid of younger branches to avoid scarring.

  • Don’t trim branches too close or too long.

  • Lateral branches should be kept spaced evenly as possible while pruning.

  • Never prune more than ¼ of the living crown at one time.

  • Prune branches that touch or cross other branches.

  • Don’t prune too many branches near the lower portion of the tree or the stem may weaken.

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