Lawn Mowing Tips & Tricks for Lithia, FL

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Mowing the lawn is an important part of routine lawn care in Lithia. There are many benefits that mowing can provide for your grass. Since you’re trimming the oldest section of grass, cutting the top third will allow the root system to grow deeper and stronger. Deep roots can reach water that lies deeper in the soil, allowing your grass to weather dry spells much better. Mowing the lawn isn’t rocket science, but there are several inside tips that will make the task easier and more productive. Next time you’re mowing your lawn, you can make use of this expert advice.

Stay Safe When You Mow

Before you use your mower, make sure that you read the operator’s manual. You should take note of any warnings and perform necessary maintenance when recommended. You should also do the following:

  • Wear long pants and close-toed shoes with good traction.

  • Take off and secure jewelry or loose clothing that can catch on equipment.

  • Remove objects and toys from the lawn before mowing.

  • Make sure all shields and guards are in place.

  • Never let kids ride when you mow.

  • Take frequent breaks during hot weather.

  • Don’t use your hands to remove mowing blade clogs.

Learn Proper Mowing Technique

When mowing hills, you can maintain stability by riding your mower up and then down. Walk-behind mowers are safer for traversing hills. For especially dangerous hillsides, consider planting ground cover. Use higher speeds only for transporting your mower to the mowing area. Use medium speeds when mowing the largest section of your lawn. Low speeds work best for trimming and turning corners.

Make Use of Grass-Cycling

Grass-cycling can be done when you mow your lawn. This process is crucial because it replaces soil nutrients and eliminates lawn debris. Lawn mowers that mulch will cut and re-cut grass trimmings. These fine trimmings will quickly compose and nourish your lawn because they break down fast!

Lawn mowing isn’t the easiest activity to successfully navigate, but with these tips and tricks you can have better luck. If at any point you are ready to relinquish these tedious lawn care tasks to a professional, Your Green Team can help. We can keep your lawn looking its absolute best with our lawn maintenance services in Lithia!

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