Holiday Decorating Tips for Pest Prevention

Tips for Pest Prevention

The holidays are supposed to be a time for decorating the house with family and spending time together. However, this treasured time can quickly turn into something reminiscent of a scary movie if pests have invaded your Christmas décor. Unfortunately, storing decorations improperly can lead to a pest invasion. Here are a few hints to help you avoid experiencing a holiday scenario akin to a horror movie instead of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Ward off unwanted pests & insects

If pests have already invaded your holiday decorations, follow these helpful hints to prevent a pest infestation from getting out of control.

  • Open boxes of holiday decorations in an area where you can inspect for signs of pests, preferably outside.

  • Check storage areas for signs of pests such as droppings, dead roaches, and spider webs.

  • Wash fabric decorations like stockings and table cloths to prevent any live pests from reproducing.

  • Clean plastic and metal decorations with alcohol wipes or soap and water.

Prevent future holiday pest problems

You can prevent pests from accessing your holiday decorations by following these helpful tips.

  • Plant living trees immediately after Christmas.

  • Dispose of natural trees as soon as possible.

  • Vacuum artificial trees and store in a tree bag or plastic container.

  • Wash and dry fabric decorations before storing them.

  • Inspect holiday lights for frayed wires and spider webs.

  • Use tight-sealing plastic containers to store decorations.

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